Concrete Sawing

reinforced concrete sawelectric concrete sawOur smaller electric floor saw can cut up to 240mm deep in reinforced concrete and can be used in areas where carbon monoxide may be a problem.


These saws will take up to a 600mm blade, on either side of the machine and they come with a flush cut blade guard, which enables the machine to cut flush against a wall unimpeded by obstruction.


These floor saws are ergonomic and can be dismantled into manageable pieces making access to awkward areas easy. The motor has a quick hitch system, and the bow handles are adjustable, so transportation is not compromised. A 3 Phase, (415v) 32A power source is required for this machine. We are able to provide road-tow generators to meet this.

concrete floor sawcutting concrete sawPowerful floor saw for large cutting depths for inside use. The electric traction drive allows loading and unloading as well as transport of the floor saw on the construction site without the time consuming installation of electric cables. The traction drive is powered by the built-in battery which recharges during cutting operation.


Other features:

• Electrical drive
• Quick blade release
• Semi-automatic V-belt tensioning
• Blade guard removable and divisible
• Right / left cut, continuous cutting shaft
• Electric, self-priming pump
• Digital cutting depth indicator
• Infinitely adjustable cutting depth
• Height adjustable handles
• Easy to use with clearly arranged control panel
• Emergency Stop Control
• Anti-vibration mounting of the engine block limits the risk of tool damage while cutting

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