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Wall sawing is a fast and accurate solution for cutting openings in reinforced concrete, brick and masonry to create structural alterations including window and door openings up to 900mm deep leaving a straight smooth finished opening.


Wall sawing has a diamond blade on a track-mounted system that can be used for vertical and horizontal cuts. This set-up can also be used on steep inclined surfaces such as stairs.


Cutting can be performed from one side of the wall where access to both sides is not possible.


wall chasing ireland

concrete chasing


This is a useful method for cutting neat channels in concrete or masonry structures where the premises may be occupied. A vacuum collects the dust before it escapes into the surrounding atmosphere. This quick method is suitable for all types of brickwork and reinforced concrete whether wall, floor or ceiling. Wall chasing channels can be cut up to a depth of 40mm.


This efficient method is ideal for numerous commercial, retail and industrial applications including:

• Offices
• Factories
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Supermarkets


Our highly skilled and professional workforce operates a fleet of fully equipped vans providing nationwide coverage. Our ability to respond quickly and efficiently within every aspect of concrete cutting and removal is a key factor in the continuing growth and success of the company.


Modern concrete cutting technologies (unlike conventional removal systems) are fast, precise, non-disruptive, maintain structural integrity and can be used in confined spaces.


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