Controlled Demolition

concrete bursting


Spitting cylinders are handheld demolition devices which controllably split material with the use of hydraulic pressure. Powerful hydraulic bursters are inserted into pre-drilled holes and are expanded to spilt the concrete into sections silently ideal for removing foundations, machines bases etc

concrete crunching


Concrete Crunching employs the use of hydraulic jaws / pincers to crunch reinforced concrete to masonry into suitable sized pieces for disposal.

Crunching jaws can be hand held or machine mounted. Handheld demolition devices, which controllably split material with the use of hydraulic pressure.

brokk robot 


The Brokk is a remotely controlled track machine robot that offers safer methods of demolition and has the ability to reduce the time it takes to safely remove walls, floors, staircase and other structures to crush and reduce the hardest of concrete into manageable pieces with the virtually no vibration or noise, the Brokk can be used in sensitive or dangerous locations and confined spaces and has the ability to enter buildings through a single door opening.


The brokk can be remotely controlled at a safe distance this totally eliminates any risk to the operator, in particular removing all risk of HAVS.

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